The value of sport to communities extends beyond sport for sport’s sake. It can play a role in bringing communities together, having a social and cultural impact, developing social capital and reducing crime and anti-social behavior. Regular involvement in sport can benefit individuals and communities and contribute to a range of positive outcomes including:     More local people participating as volunteers in community life     Local people having a greater voice and influence over decision-making     Increased third sector capacity to own community assets and to manage and deliver services     More cohesive, tolerant and inclusive communities that value diversity     More sustainable communities with local pride and a sense of place     A reduction in youth offending and anti-social behavior     An increase in culture of respect and tolerance among young people     A reduction in crime and in alcohol and drug misuse     A reduction in the fear of crime. Perhaps the most important “take-away” from these (and many other examples), is that individuals tend to thrive and grow in organized environments that encourage human value, self-worth and accomplishment. TurboStars League believes that traditional team sport (football, baseball, basketball, etc.) may not be for everybody, and that organized running leagues may represent a bounty of opportunity for the “traditional sportsters” as well as all the others wishing to enjoy the spiritual and physical benefits of medium and long-distance running activities. For TurboStars League and the “Power of 3”, community involvement and engagement is an itegral part of sucessful competitions and our mentorship programs. Interest in both is fueld by community voices - loud, clear and happily determined. A few advantages for TurboStars community members include: Enjoyment Any form of regular exercise must be enjoyable, or there is a good chance it will not remain regular for very long. That is one of the primary reasons that so many adults quickly break their New Year’s resolutions to become more physically active. If young athletes enjoy the sport they are participating in, chances are that they will continue to stay active year after year. Structure Participating in an organized sport adds structure and direction to physical activity, which is another key element for consistency. If the athletes are informed when, where, and how often practice will be conducted, the exercise is already planned for them. All they have to do is show up and there isn’t a big investment in running equipment. Opportunity to Socialize Both youth and adults generally have more fun when exercising with a group of friends or teammates. Not only will kids enjoy getting together with their friends for practice and games, but they also will learn how to cooperate and compete fairly. With the TurboStars network, youth and adults have access to personal and team competitions, statistical comparisons, frienships, comaraderie and new, healthy social circles. Learning Life Skills Athletes, of all ages, are encouraged to learn best-practice running skills and receive positive TurboStars and community feedback for their efforts. Running can be a rewarding activity for a lifetime. Improved Health Running; makes you happier, helps you lose or maintain weight, strengthens your joints and bones, keeps you sharper - even as you age, reduces risk of cancer, adds years to your life. Reference 1: Psychonomic Bulletin and Review Reference 2: The Journal of Nutrition Reference 3: Health Exchange Reference 4:  Reference 5: Competitor Running  Reference 6: Runner’s World  Why start, brand or co-brand your running club with TurboStars? OK, we’ve established some of the benefits of running. Now, the real secret is to make your club an active success. We see a lot of running clubs around the world get started, but they “lose their steam” over time. It’s understandable!, Organization, planning, community engagement and sponsorship takes time - a valuable commodity that taxes organizers  “bandwidth” to the max. Our skilled and experienced team of TurboStars running enthusiasts offer the basic and enhanced tools to help make your club (new or existing) an active, thriving success. Here’s just a few examples of how: Global name recognition Worldwide networking and technology tools Your own branded website as part of the TurboStars network, maintained with fresh content Social media pages Recruiting drives Event and organizational planning assistance Local and national sponsorships Resources for community Elite Runners Training resources for all runner levels Merchandising discounts (with volume comes buying power) Practiced community and local governmental outreach Access to TurboStars Mentorship Programs And much, much more !  
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