The TurboStars logo is a symbol of strength, vitality and harmony. The Gaelic version dates back to 600 B.C., but the Celtic Spiral, by any name, can be found across many cultures and continents throughout history. The meanings are as varied, but always symbiotoc, for example; “Spirit-Mind-Body” or “Power-Intellect-Love” or “Land-Sea-Sky”. We embrace these connotations and believe they are directly meaningful and compatible with the 3 symbiotic relationships that gives TurboStars strength, vitality and harmony with and for the members of our sporting world: Competition-Mentorship-Community  =  The Power of 3.
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Guiding, organizing and encouraging all 3 components to work together is a passion for the managing members of TurboStars. We hope, and are confident that you, your running club, your community, family and friends will discover the benefits and pleasures of our organization, whether everybody is a runner or not. Competition with other runners isn’t necessarily the objective of every runner, so we have designed a number of competitions and events which can be practiced solo, in a local group, with international groups and with individuals around the globe. If you like to compete, we have; the league, organization and tools to help you in your drive to be the best, whether a beginner or elite runner. Runners are a special breed, and the development of a mentorship program for and between runners is a priviledge for our group to promote.  Importantly, the programs offer a unique sharing-teaching-learning opportunity for both the Mentor and the Youth Runner. Community can be the essence of a successful endeaver, no matter what the pursuit. The hearts-minds-souls of a community to make our part of the globe and the world at-large a better place is a unique and rewarding power that, when properly channeled, can make an incredible difference in a persons life. TurboStars embraces individuality, diversity and the “do it my own way spirit”. No matter where you come from you will find a home with the TurboStars family and the compassionate enthusiasm we, as a group, offer. Please feel welcome in every regard.
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