Purpose built, our league competitions aim to achieve high performance via maximum camaraderie environments. Events harness the unique energy of the TurboStars mentorship program. This is one of many ways that TurboStars League is dedicated to propelling ability for all members. Our intention is to become a champion for the underdog or neglected athletic spirit. We believe in and support all levels of ability. Youth athletes embody the future of sport and that passion is what drives our organization. Strengthening the beginner’s spirit that can be found within all of us. Our organization encourages and supports every individuals quest of sports excellence, in any way they choose. Ground & Cloud Challenges and Competitions Ground: 5 and 10k TurboStars League events are a fun way to get to know your running community, display the results of your training and compete for individual and group rewards. Cloud: Upon joining TurboStars, individually or as a club, you will have access to our branded training, performance measurement and competition software. Challenge yourself, your clubmates or individuals and clubs in the TurboStars network from around the world. Track and analyze every aspect of your training and competition activity. It’s a versatile, fun way to track, share and compete with others in the network, participate in the TurboStars mentorship programs and much more. The software will require a compatible fitness device, but never fear - we’ve negotiated discounted group pricing through our members-only gear store. Inclusive Class Running Whether you are a tourist-class runner who enjoys the physical challenge and sightseeing routes, a struggling wounded warrior or an elite-class runner chasing world records, you will feel comfortable, challenged and recognized in the TurboStars League. Inclusive Class Running allows you to challenge and pace yourself based on finishing times, not gender or other exclusionary factors. You choose the class to participate in, and strive for.
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 TurboStars    Mentorship
The TurboStars League circuit offers repeated opportunities to break your personal best. TurboStars League races are held through our 24/7/365 global community “Cloud” and through numerous community “Ground” events. An abundance of chances to toe the line, means increased odds of a personal best. Our event platform values persistence. You may surprise yourself and others - how fast you run and how far you can go with unlimited chances to compete. At TurboStars we believe in the magic of camaraderie, healthy encouragement and positive thinking. There’s a lot to admire in the people who never give up.
TurboStars   Mentorship