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Most of us can point to an influential person (or maybe several people) who has helped shape who we are today. These mentors have worked behind the scenes with us, generously sharing their time, expertise, and insights to nurture our potential, keep us on track, and help us grow — often personally and professionally. TurboStars passionately believes that sport, mentorship and community building (in combination) creates a power within individuals and groups that encourages and promotes quality global citizenship and best practice principals in the daily lives of all participants. TurboStars Mentorship Programs include one-on-one mentoring, peer mentoring and team mentoring. Our Ground & Cloud platform also allows for e-mentoring which distincly overcomes access issues and broadens our community around the globe. Inclusion versus Exclusion Our medium and long distance running programs are inclusive rather than exclusive. Everybody is a winner! There are no zero-sum outcomes at TurboStars (unlike most sporting programs and leagues). Mentoring  is  an  important  process  that  has  the potential to positively influence a wide variety of individuals and behaviors in sport and exercise settings, for both the Mentor and Mentee. The resulting benefits produce positive outcomes for every participant and community where TurboStars is located. We welcome you to find out more about our initiatives and how TurboStars could help develop a program in your community.
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